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Founded by a team of personal injury experts and tech enthusiasts, we understand the unique challenges our team faces. That’s why we designed a Case Management tool tailored to personal Gaylord Claims activities.

Seamless Case Management Results

Rather than building a one-size-fits-all personal injury tool that treats each case and personal injury firm the same, our tool is unique and intuitive. It is laser-focused on your daily management needs and built specifically for you.

Revolutionizing Personal Injury Case Management with Our 10-step Intake Process

At Gaylord Cases, we specialize in revolutionizing the way personal injury cases are handled through our innovative 10-Step Intake Process. This process begins with the traditional intake form, but we elevate it with our proprietary technology. Our system collects essential client details, such as name and contact information, along with a thorough description of the incident and the overall case.

What sets us apart is our use of customized templates, which are specifically designed to add significant value to each case. These templates are a part of our customer relationship management system that streamlines and personalizes each step of the process. This system guides our clients smoothly from their initial contact through to the final settlement, ensuring no time, effort, or cost is wasted.

Streamlining Processes with Advanced Customer Relationship Management

Our powerful tool is built on the latest cloud-based solutions, which allows for efficient and robust end-to-end claims processing capabilities. This combination of advanced technology and personalized care provides unparalleled efficiency in managing personal injury cases.

To discover the benefits of our unique 10-Step Intake Process and how it can efficiently manage your personal injury case, we invite you to call or Apply Today.

Our Values:

At Gaylord Cases, we recognize the power of customized tools in accelerating our team’s productivity, tailored to meet individual needs.

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